Do you know the plastic bags ? of course you know, but do you know something about the meterial of the plastic bags?

 Usually speaking, the meterial of the plastic bags is plastic film. included some kinds meterial, lIke polyvinyl chloride (PVC),poly vinyl acetate (EVA),polyethylene(PE),OPP,PP. Here is some diferences between them:

(1)PVC: Its characteristic is good at light transmission, keep from far infrared ray, strong heat retaining power, soft and good weatherability. 80% Japan's coverage in facility cultivation of PVC films.

(2) PE films: Light weight, soft, easy to shape, non-toxic, suitable for all kinds of food. Its defect is: poor weatherability, heat preservation sex difference,which is not easy to glue. It can be devided into polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (L - LDPE), etc.

(3) EVA:EVA have weak polarity, but the agent with a variety of corrosion resistance, heat preservation, antifoggant blend blown film, good compatibility, strong inclusive.Different materials have different characteristics: EVA have special good low temperature resistance